About Our Party

At the National Advancement Party of Canada (NAPC), we are proud nationalists with the agenda of putting the Canadian people first in all aspects of federal governance. 

We seek to advance the nation of Canada to bring more prosperity and security to the Canadian people. When we say “advancement” we mean nation building in the sense that we want to build and redirect Canada in a way that puts fully the Canadian people first, and in which elected representatives and bureaucrats serve fully the people.

The Canadian people are struggling through some of the most difficult challenges they have ever faced, as the world becomes increasingly competitive and less safe. The time is now more than ever for strong patriotic leadership and a national focus based upon policies that are in the best interests of all Canadians.

About Our Leader

Stephen Garvey was born in Montreal, Québec, educated in Vancouver, British Columbia, and resides in Calgary, Alberta.  In addition, to his international travel and competing for Canada on the Canadian National Rowing Team, and his extensive writings in political and social theory, Stephen received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and Masters of Philosophy in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Further, Stephen has experience in small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and crown corporations. Stephen brings common sense, practical, professional leadership to the National Advancement Party of Canada, and a vision for Canada that will restore its democracy and bring prosperity and security to all Canadians.

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There are a number of people behind the scenes who are helping to grow the National Advancement Party of Canada. These are some of the them: Mr. Dale Monette, Founding Member and Accounting Specialist; Mr. Gabin Kabou, French Language Liaison; Mrs. Donna Johansen, Chief Agent; Mr. Dylan Haskett, Founding Member; Mr. Carl Fluery, National Recruitment and Organizational Officer; Sandra Solomon, Immigration Officer; and Mr. Graham Miles, founding member.

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Our supporters come from all regions of Canada, with a shared desire to put the Canadian people first.

Our party is committed to creating a federal government truly of, by, and for the Canadian people, and based upon one hundred percent political integrity. 

Let’s take Canada, our country back!

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